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The App for Equestrians


About TrackMyHack

TrackMyHack is the awesome new app for Equestrians.


TrackMyHack is an app designed for Riders, by a Rider, and with input from other Riders, and Owners.

TrackMyHack offers Live Ride Tracking with History,, a Social space for Riders, a Marketplace and much more.


Come join the Community. You can download TrackMyHack for Free; the way it will always be, you can Ride as far as your dreams can take you. There's no Subscription or Commitment just Riding so hit the button below and download now. 

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Privacy & TrackMyHack

We would like you to read the following regarding how TrackMyHack works and the commitment made to helping make everyones experience a positive one.


TrackMyHack will ask for some personal information to get you started. You should provide a First Name and a Profile Image to make you recognisable, after that it is upto you, after all it is Your data, Your personal information. TrackMyHack has no use for it, we don't do Ads, we don't Share with anyone, so please keep it.

TrackMyHack wants to engage you, and communicate with you, and we will do this via Email, our social channels; which you can follow by searching @TrackMyHack, or by in app Notification.

You can choose to be an active member of the Heynet, to do so you will also need to grant access to your Photos to allow you to share media with the community.

By using the Heynet other users will be able to see your Profile and Posts, whilst Businesses, Companies or Service Providers who you connect with, will also be able to see your personal profile.


If you have any questions regarding Privacy or your information please don’t hesitate to ask.

Terms Of Use: The Heynet

How we all interact with each other is important so we promote a minimum standard when using TrackMyHack. The Heynet is a place for equestrians worldwide to use. By posting content and being an active user of the Heynet by posting media or text you must understand the policies in place to make The Heynet a safe place for All users. 

You are solely responsible for the content your account posts and for anything which others who have access to your device or account post. Action will be taken against your account if the content posted falls below the following minimum expected standard. 


What is the minimum standard? The minimum standard is that you should not post anything which you feel could be hurtful, harmful, abusive, defamatory, racist, or could be seen as bullying or harassment to another user. We ask that all users think before they post 'Does your content meet the minimum standard?'.

Thank You

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